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Galata Tower Istanbul

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The Galata Tower is considered one of the oldest towers in the world. Decorating Istanbul since 528, it is one of the oldest towers in the world. It makes us want to bow before the tower, which still stands upright and strong. The Galata Tower is also remarkable in its characteristics. Its height is 69.90 m from the ground to the tip of the roof. When investigated, skulls and human bones were found in the pits on the ground. From this we can conclude that the floor of the tower was once used as a dungeon. According to static calculations, the tower weighs 10,000 tons and is very majestic despite its simple construction.


The Galata Tower was first built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian in 507-508 AD. The present tower was rebuilt by the Genoese in 1348-49. The tower was erected in 1445-46. In the 1500s it was damaged by an earthquake and repaired by the architect Murad bin Hayreddin. After the repair of the tower during the reign of Selim III, a bay window was added to the top floor of the tower. In 1831 the tower was again damaged by fire, Mahmut II added two more floors to the top of the tower, and the top of the tower was covered with the famous cone-shaped roof covering. The building was last renovated in 1967.

Galata Tower Istanbul
Galata Tower Istanbul

The legend of the Galata Tower 

The Galata Tower has a legend, and it is so romantic… According to the legend, the Galata Tower and the Maiden Tower are in love with each other, but the Bosporus between them prevents the lovers from meeting. For years the Galata Tower has been writing her love in letters and expressing her longing for the Maiden Tower in words. When Hesarfen Ahmet Çelebi came here to realize his dream of flying, the Galata Tower whispered in his ear about his love for the Maiden Tower and gave him letters. Taking advantage of the wind blowing from Istanbul, Hezarfen delivers the letters to the Maiden Tower. Realizing that his love is not platonic, Maiden Tower explodes with joy. The deep feelings of these two lovers for each other helped them defy the ages and create the most beautiful view of Istanbul.


The Galata Tower was built using a masonry system of rubble stone. The outer facade is made of masonry. It is believed that the 16-line inscription of praise on the entrance was written in the name of Mahmut II as it was built during his reign.

A round arched window above the door served as an observation point for the soldiers. It is a nine-story building after a high entrance floor. The windows on the cylindrical body have round arches with brick masonry. The development of the last two floors, just below the cone-shaped roof, is emphasized by the profiled cornices surrounding the cylindrical enclosure. Beneath the cone-shaped roof is an observation balcony with a metal ornamented lattice encircling the floor. On the lower floor are circular arches supported by deep pier niches and brick stucco round-arched windows.

Today you can see that part of the building up to the third floor is Genoese, and the remaining floors have an Ottoman character.

View from the Tower

The most beautiful view in the world…

Although the shape of the Galata Tower has changed several times since its construction, its position and dominance have not changed. It has always remained the silhouette of the city. After all, it was built in a strategically important location. The 9-story tower offers one of the most beautiful views not only of Istanbul, but of the whole world…


The Galata Tower is located in the Galata district of Bereketzadeh in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul. The Galata Tower, built on the European side of the city, is located between Şişhane and Karaköy, overlooking the Bosphorus.

Address: Bereketzade Mb. Büyük Hendek Caddesi, No: 2, Galata / Beyoğlu / Istanbul